Wieser Brothers Becomes Energy Self-Sufficient with New Solar Panel Installation

Published April 02, 2018 13:51

2solarpanels  1solarpanels

Continuing our corporate responsibility to building green, Wieser Brothers has added a new solar panel system to our headquarters.  164 panels were recently installed to the existing system for a total of 323 solar panels.  Solar power now provides 100 percent of total energy consumption for the office and shop operations.

The new system produces 115,000 Kilowatts of solar energy per year:

*Creating enough energy to power 12.8 American homes per year

*Keeping 10,000 gallons of gas from being consumed (the equivalent of 642 vehicle tank fill-ups per year)

*Saving energy by switching 2,900 incandescent to LED bulbs (65 homes per year making the switch)

*Eliminating 94 tons of CO2 from the air each year (which would take 101 acres of forest to absorb)

"Creating energy efficiency and being good stewards of the land is important in our business," said Jeff Wieser, President, Wieser Brothers.  "This is another tool we can use to assists our clients with green building techniques."

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