Wieser Brothers Recognizes Employees for 'Thinking Safety'

Published March 05, 2014 10:40

As part of Wieser Brothers' commitment to ensuring that employees always 'Think Safety', the Safety Committee has developed a program for rewarding employees who go above and beyond being safe on the jobsite. These recipients not only do what is asked or expected of them, but they also take the initiative to foresee safety issues and concerns and take corrective action. The 2013 Safety Award recipients were:

  • Doug Clements - Safe action to pull styrofoam off concrete slabs.
  • Joe Koresh - Properly lifting loading dock ramp with use of bolt.
  • Nick Brown - Put handrails around floor cut out.
  • Jason Schott - Built a railing to keep people from walking into electrical box.
  • Alex Martin - Raised scissors lift to use as a catch platform.
  • Jeremy Klinski - Informed co-worker of the importance of proper use of equipment.
  • Brad Burke - Turned off breaker switch to temporary power during storm.
  • Brian Kreibich - Idea to make handrail and safe access over a foundation wall.
  • Matt Banse - Getting dust masks for co-workers.
  • Ben Bringe - Sanded all drive and walk paths at jobsite.
  • Ryan LeJeune - Reminded co-workers to use the chain on scissors lift.
Wieser Brothers would like to recognize these individuals and thank them for ensuring that our jobsites are safe for everyone!

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